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Music at St. Mary’s Church of Rostock

Church music is an important part of the life of our parish. St. Mary’s church is a challenge for both worship and musical events.

The “Marienkantorei”, the music ministry of the church, currently comprises about 170 participants in eight groups. It is directed by Karl-Bernhardin Kropf (leading St. Mary’s Choir, the Female Chamber Choir, the Evensong Choir, the Senior Choir and the Brass Ensemble) and Jana-Christin Walter (leading the children’s choirs).

There are three organs in St. Mary’s. The Great Organ houses 5,700 pipes of 83 stops within a baroque case, playable on four manuals and pedals. It can be visited within the Noon Prayers.

(Noon prayers take place from May to mid-October, Monday to Saturday, 12 a.m. To visit the organ, be at the baroque gate in the north west corner of the nave, where a sign is posted. After the Noon Prayer (ca. 10 Minutes, with some organ music), there is some time for explanation and investigation of the instrument. This is free, a donation or a compact disc purchase would be welcome to help us keeping the 5700-pipe instrument maintained and running. Please note that the Noon Prayer Organ Visits may be cancelled for special reasons without further notice.)

Special organ concerts or presentations can be arranged. Please contact the Director of Music via mail0(at)
(please retype that address without the white letters and with @)

More information about the choirs, organs and the music programme is provided at

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Forthcoming Events:

Monday - Saturday (from May to Mid October), 12 a.m.:
Noon Prayer with Organ Music

A brief visit to the organ is possible during noon prayer, meeting point is at 11.55 a.m.

Every Friday, 12 a.m.:
Prayer for Peace with Coventry Reconciliation Prayer

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