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December 2021: St. Mary’s Church is closed as a place of public or touristic interest!

The church is open as a place of prayer and reflection
Mon-Sat 01:00-04:00 PM and Sun 11.45 AM – 3 PM on Advent Sundays
(afterwards only until 12:15 an if there was a service that sunday).

Visitors are obliged to wear a mask.

A „3G certification“ is necessary – visitors have to be vaccinated against, recovered from or negative-tested on Covid19.

Welcome to St. Mary’s Church of Rostock!

St. Mary’s is Rostock’s largest church and one of the largest brickstone gothic buildings in the whole Baltic region. For more than 770 years, it has been a place of prayer, worship, meetings of civil or academic character, and a place of the arts.
About 150,000 people visit this church every year. It is not a museum but a meeting place of a vital city parish and for the citizens of Rostock.

If you do have a relation to the Christian faith or not: We look forward to welcome you in our church!

The Chapter and Staff of Rostock’s Lutheran City Parish

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