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A regular International Prayer (in English, at St Peter’s Church „Petrikirche“) has been set up by a group of people from different denominations. Please search for dates („International Prayer“) here>

On Sundays

Normally, the Lutheran City Parish will worship every sunday at 9.30 a.m. in St. Mary’s. On first and third Sunday of the month, Eucharist is celebrated. The standard liturgy follows the Lutheran Order of Worship.

On 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, the congregation is invited to have coffee or tea in the southern vestry.

Occasionally, there is no service on Sunday in St. Mary’s or it is at another time, as the parish does worship in other churches, too. So please check our Worship Calender (in German), which can be found online here>, and which is also posted in our churches.

Once the service has begun, the main entrance may be closed. In this case, you can access the church (for worshipping only) via one of the entries beneath the tower.

Noon Prayer

From May until mid-October, we hold Noon Prayer form Monday to Saturday at 12 a.m.
It lasts for about ten minutes. After the apostle’s reel on our astronomical clock, there will be some organ music, words from the bible and a short prayer.
Every Friday (whole-year) we pray the Coventry Litany for Reconciliation in the same manner. The Lutheran City Parish of Rostock joined the Community of the Cross of Nails as a partner in autumn 2018. Our own Cross of Nails is placed in the chapel south east of the chancel area.


If we worship or have a concert in the nave on cold days, some of the seats are heated. Heating is provided in the first three rows of the front seating blocks, left and right of the main aisle, and in the first three rows opposite the pulpit.
From 1st Advent until Long Friday (except Christmas Eve), we might worship in our heated winter church, which is the chapel in the tower basement (beneath the organ). Access is via the main entrance.

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