Opening Times:

Mon - Sat 10:00 AM -  3:45 PM, Sunday 11:45 AM - 12:15 AM after Services! If there is no sunday service, the church may be closed.

In the church it is mandatory to wear a mask.

Entrance Fees:

The Lutheran City Parish of Rostock spends 100,000 EUR a year or 300 EUR daily to keep St. Mary's open. Your entrance fee helps to make this possible and is an expression of your respectfulness for the cultural heritage of building and artwork of St. Mary's.

Following tickets are available:
Adults 3,- EUR
reduced Adults fee* 2,- EUR
Member of a Group 2,50 EUR
Evening Ticket (30 minutes before closure) 2,50 EUR

A one-year-ticket is available for 12 EUR and free of cost for parish members.
Children have free admission. On Sundays, there is free admission for all.

* Reductions apply on single admission for disabled visitors or visitors without individual income. An appropiate certification has to be shown.

Groups and Access:

Our church is no museum with guaranteed accessibility. For groups, it is helpful to ask in advance, if there are any events taking place in the church, making visiting impossible or restricted.
Corona measures: Group size are limited to 15 persons, splitting up your group may be necessary. Please keep the 1,5m distance.

During prayer and worship times, no visiting is possible. Service times are explained here>.

Access for wheelchairs etc.:

Access is possible through the entrance and for larger devices via a ramp at the southern entrance. Our staff will help you, if an additional opening of a door might be necessary.


Please note that we do not have public toilets or restrooms available.

Guided Tours:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 12:30 AM:
Tour through the church
Meeting point in Entrance Area. Fee (added to the regular entrance fee) 2 EUR

Monday, Wednesday, 11:00 AM:
Tower Tour
to the vaults (resp. roof area) and the bells, duration about one hour
Meeting point in Entrance Area. Fee (added to the regular entrance fee) 3 EUR

Church tours and tower tours are normally held in German language only, please ask for exceptions in advance!

Monday to Saturday 12:00 AM:
Brief Organ Visit during Noon Prayer
Meeting point is at Mary Carpet (Nr 10 on printed visitor information map) at 11.55 AM
Way up to the organ loft, attendance at organ music and noon prayer, short view into the instrument possible afterwards.
Fee: Free donations or puchase of orgen-related articles in shop

All tours may be arranged for groups at other times, too. Contact the churchwardens at (+49/381) 453325. Please accept our apologies for occasional problems with speaking English, not every of our volunteers is capable of it.


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The "Marientreff" Café:

In the former churchwarden’s house, located at the south-west corner of St. Mary’s church at the “goats market” (“Ziegenmarkt” - hence the bronze sculpture on the font), one can find the Marientreff Café. It is run by an association of volunteers, who will provide you with coffee, tee and delicious homemade cakes. The opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 11.30 AM to 5.00 PM.
Any profits are handed to social and welfare projects, among them the annual holiday project for children from the contaminated region of Tchernobyl.

Occasionally, special arrangements take place in the Marientreff, which might affect normal service.

You will receive a warm welcome there, but please be aware, that some of our volunteers do not speak any English.